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Streamline 2.0 User Guide

What options do I have when setting up the types of punch cards I offer?

This is the name by which you want to refer to this punch card.

Select the category you would like this punch card to be displayed in. To enter a new category, simply type its name into the selection box.

Regular Price
This is the normal price at which you plan to sell cards of this type. Do not include sales tax.

Preferred Price
This is the price at which you plan to sell cards of this type to customers flagged as 'preferred'. Do not include sales tax.

Initial Punches
This is the number of punches that should be initially put onto cards of this type.

Expires (optional)
Check this option and enter the number of weeks, months or years after which to expire the punch card if it isn't completely used.

Check this box if you plan to charge sales tax on cards of this type.

Currently Offered
Check this box if you want this card type to be available in the product list when entering a sale. We recommend that you uncheck this box, as opposed to deleting the card type, when you discontinue the item.

Generate Commission
Check this box if you plan to pay commission when cards of this type are sold. When checked, the commission type and amount fields will become enabled.

Maximum Customers
Enable this option if you would like to limit the number of customer that can share punch cards of this type.

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