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Streamline 2.0 User Guide

What types of products and services can I sell?

Streamline 2.0 allows you to sell four types of products. Each type is described below.

Product Type Description Examples
Simple Product Basic retail items. You can optionally track inventory. Nutrition, apparel, tanning lotion
One-Time Service Services that do not require scheduled billing and are generally rendered in a single day. Massage, body wraps, facials
Punch Card Electronic version of a standard paper punch card. They are always pre-paid, and can optionally be shared by multiple customers. Streamline will track the usage of these cards for you. Tanning sessions, personal training sessions, locker rental
Membership Gym memberships and other services you offer over an extended period. These can be pre-paid (a.k.a. "paid in full") or can require scheduled payments. You can specify a setup fee, annual fee, billing schedule, maximum number of customers for group plans, as well as many other options. Gym membership, child care, other add-on services
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