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Streamline 2.0 User Guide

How do I get started accepting EFT payments?

Step 1: Establish a Gateway Account

Streamline posts the transactions you enter to the Authorize.Net payment gateway. If you do not already have an Authorize.Net gateway account, click below to create one.
IMPORTANT: Be sure to select the gateway type "ecommerce", not "retail".

Authorize.Net Gateway Checklist

When setting up your Authorize.Net gateway account, be sure to apply for eCheck.Net if you want to accept ACH (bank draft) transactions. After your gateway account is set up, do the following:

  • Generate your API Login and Transaction Key
  • Take your account out of test mode
  • If you want to perform refunds via EFT, apply for Expanded Credit-Return Capabilities (ECC)
  • Step 2: Configure Streamline 2.0

    Send us your Authorize.Net API Login and Transaction Key. After we have entered your credentials into our system, you can update your copy of Streamline 2.0. Simply click the "Retrieve Gateway Credentials" button on the Payment Gateway screen, which is accessed via the Tools > Options menu. You will only need to perform this step one time.

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